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Wildlife in Kenya
With more than 415 species of mammals and over 1500 species of birds, Kenya, Tanazania and Uganda are home to one of the world’s greatest wildlife collections. East Africa is one of the best destinations to view and experience the big five of Africa. The Big five are the African Elephant, Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Leopard and the Lion. This was developed as an old hunting term referring to the five most dangerous game animals to hunt.
East African Primates are put into four groups, the Colobus monkey ( red Colobus and black and white Colobus) Colobus in greek means mutilated, due to their lack of a thumb. The Guenons which are the forest monkeys (blue, vervet, patas and De Brazza’s monkey).The Baboons, a ground dwelling, dog headed primate (olive and yellow) and the great apes being large chested primate, with no tail. (Chimpanzee and Gorilla).
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