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To walk gives you a more intimate view of the animals that you may encounter. On all our walks you will have porters who carry refreshments and your equipment. Your guide has experience in reading animal tracks and understanding their behavior. He will not only teach you about the surrounding environment but will make certain that your safety is his priority.

Most safari companies conduct bush walks however it’s usually walking from point A to point B and occasionally bumping into the odd animal.

Where we differ is all our walks have an agenda. The guide on our walks is the wildlife, and where it goes we follow them. Many a time the game has lead us to the most magical and beautiful areas that we did not even know existed. It takes you to areas that man is not meant to see or experience. They lead you into the deepest and most mysterious areas of east Africa. Have you ever wondered where all the animals go in the heat of the day?

For example, we will drive along until we pick up recent tracks of say an elephant. Once the trackers determine that it is fresh track and we have a good chance of finding the animal, we head off on foot and track through the bush, following footprints, droppings and broken tree limbs where the elephant has fed. Once we locate our animal, and depending on how the animal is behaving, we get up close for a photograph. The tracking of big game on foot is conducted like an old time hunting situation; there is tracking, stalking, reading the bush and hard work. However you are using a camera instead of a rifle to record your experience.

All these walks are conducted with safety for you and the comfort of the animal being the priority. If the animal is showing signs of distress or aggression we immediately back off. Remember there will always be another adventure.

During your walking safari you will be accompanied by an experienced tracker and guide who is armed. The level of the walk is gauged on your comfort level.


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