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Activities in Kenya

Your safari experience can be enhanced with a multitude of various activities. In the Massai Mara your wildlife viewing can be experienced in many ways, however, the romance and adventure of a hot air balloon ride is the ultimate way to view this amazing ecosystem. Your balloon takes off early morning and usually follows along the Mara River, allowing you to have a bird’s eye view into this riverine forest. Your pilot uses the wind direction at different altitudes to steer the balloon in the direction of your champagne breakfast. Landing is always exciting and makes the bubbly taste even better.

For a safari with a difference, horse safaris can be organised for the intermediate to the advanced rider. The horses used are Somali – Arab cross breeds who are even tempered and are right at home amongst the big game herds. The game viewing opportunities on a horse are exceptional and one feels closer than ever to the sights and sounds of Afticsa.On horseback, one is able to get extraordinarily close to game as most animals do not associate horses with people. Riding can be a fun inclusion for 2 – 3 days in a regular safari or you can have your entire holiday on horseback if you prefer.

One activity frequently over-looked is Golf. When combined with game viewing it can make for an outstanding holiday. Kenya has over 40 courses, of which ten are used for championship events. Dating back to 1906 to when the Royal Nairobi golf course started during the colonial years golf has been played and enjoyed ever since. The variety is amazing whether your playing a round at Mount Kenya safari club with the snow capped mountain as your back drop, or In Nairobi on Karen Blixons original estate or simply at the coast with the sound of the Indian Ocean in earshot. Some of the courses altitudes can be over 5550 ft above sea level which can really increase the yardage in the length of your drive.

For the sun loving adventurer a camel safari in Lakipia or the Northern Frontier district can be a fabulous way to take a step back in time. This safari allows one to take a glimpse into the cultures of these untouched northern tribes and see how they live. The areas are wild and are very much off the beaten track, allowing you to really absorb the environment that the early pioneers and explores would have experienced in the early days when Africa was still being mapped.


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