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East African Coast

The East African coast, in particular the coast of Kenya is a fascinating and very beautiful place; its contrast to any safari makes for a complete holiday.

With beautiful palm fringed, white sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean, “The Coast”, as it is affectionately known, it is a relaxing and excellent destination for a tropical beach retreat. It also exhibits some of the finest big game fishing in the world and prime examples of Swahili culture and architecture.

One is reminded of times past with the many examples of cultural heritage of the Arab and Persian traders who set up trade posts along the East African Coast. The traders mixed with the locals and so Swahili Culture was born.

Off the northern coast of Kenya is the infamous Lamu Archipelago. Its vibrant history can be felt within the traditional Omani and Swahili Architecture of Lamu Town. While this architecture is typical of Swahili Coast stone towns Lamu town has many very fine examples remaining today. Central to the township of Lamu is the Sultan’s Fort which was built in 1808. This building now houses a museum.

The last post of the East African Portuguese Colony, Mombasa is very much a modernised city. However, the Old Town is one of the oldest human settlements in the world and very worth the time spent wandering the labyrinth of alleyways and marvelling at the architecture typical of the Swahili Coast.

The Kenyan Coast has a reputation for being one of the premier big game fishing destinations. With chances at Marlin, Sail fish, Bill fish and numerous other species this reputation is well deserved. It is one of the only reliable places in the world where the elusive broadbill sword fish can be caught. Malindi is one of the best places on the coast for big game fishing not to mention the picturesque and relaxing beaches.

The tranquil, tropical lazy days of the Kenyan Coast are best spent on the white sandy beaches fringed by palms and the inviting blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The beaches of Lamu, Kalifi and Diani offer relaxed and peaceful retreats where one can watch the world go by. Enjoy the sheer beauty of the endless vistas of sail powered dhows drifting past on the gentle sea breeze. The Coast is a "must-include" destination for every visit to Kenya.

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