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Useful Information

  • Visa requirements – For all British, Australian and American passport holders a visa is required For Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. This is best purchased prior to travel. Individual Visas are available at the embassy of each country you intend to travel. Your Passport needs to be valid for 6 months beyond the duration of your travel.

  • Medical requirements – Certain vaccinations must be administered a reasonable amount of time prior to travel. For full details of the latest health requirements consult your GP or an authorised Travel doctor. East Africa is a risk area for malaria therefore it is imperative that you obtain advice on anti – malarial treatment.

  • Insect activity – Ok let us not beat around the bush, there will be insects however but not many, thousands of people go on safari every year to places which contain insects and still survive. At the end of the day you are going on safari, you are an adventurer so get on with it. Or if you really do not like insects you could always go on a ski trip!

  • Time zone - East Africa is GMT + 3 hours.

  • Electricity – 220 / 240 volts AC. East Africa has UK type sockets that take either three flat pins or two round pins. Most of the camps have an electrical system of an inverter or generator therefore you will be able to charge camera batteries and anything else. To be safe make sure you bring spares as it is always the way that batteries die when it is most inconvenient.

  • Climate – The climate in East Africa varies from a hot and humid coast to pleasant days in the highlands of the Rift Valley. On consultation you will be advised about the particular climatic conditions of your destinations. It should be known that East Africa experiences two wet seasons which vary depending on location, but fear not, timed correctly these can actually result in better game viewing opportunities. The long rains is during April to May and the short rains is during November, however this is also the best value time to go on your safari.

  • Currency and money – The currency used throughout Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, is the Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan shilling respectively. British Pounds Euro and US dollars can be exchanged easily at all the major hotels and there is a good network of Bureau de Change in all major cities. Use of credit cards is restricted to major hotels and should not be relied on. If you choose to use credit cards be aware that many places charge a percentage of the purchase rather than a flat credit card fee.

  • Language – The main two languages that are spoken throughout East Africa are English and Swahili. All guides are fluent in both languages and will help you with Swahili if you require. Do not worry though you will have no problems getting by with English alone. English and a smile will always get you through.

  • Tipping – The main rule of thumb is £5 - £10 per person per day (providing you are satisfied with the service).

  • Clothing – With a blend of high altitude and the tropical sun, East Africa boasts a very variable climate. The most important thing is that your clothing is light and comfortable. When you are game viewing from a vehicle it does not really mater the colour of clothing however when you are on walks it is important to wear colours that blend in to the surroundings. Shades of green and khaki are going to be your best bet. A well worn in pair of foot wear is important with good rubber souls for walking over rocks is important. For the evenings we advise smart casual that covers your legs and arms, A good broad rimed hat and 15+ sun cream for that charming equatorial sun is mandatory. A full detailed what to pack luggage list will be issued to you when you book your safari.

  • Luggage – East Africa can be very dusty and therefore it is important that your suitcases and bags are suitable for these conditions. If you are travelling on domestic light aircraft there are baggage restrictions of 20kg per person so make sure you check with your Frontier Safari specialist before you pack.
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