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Sample Itineraries

Our safaris are tailored to capture a truly unique African experience for you. Your guide is a professional who has been trained to impart his knowledge of the flora, wildlife, geography, African Tribal history and current affairs into your daily safari.

Our accommodation has been carefully chosen providing comfort, atmosphere and friendly service. No detail will be overlooked. From the moment you land in Nairobi or your particular gateway into Africa you will be greeted at the airport and driven to your hotel. Prior to the commencement of your safari, Frontier will have briefed you on the ‘essentials’ (visas, vaccinations, insurance, health precautions and safety) plus we can even have your safari clothes pre-ordered (our tailors offer quality and fashion at very good prices).

Frontier has been created by a team of specialists that have lived, studied and worked in Africa. They have explored the off-road special spots for your memorable photographs and unique places for your end of the day ‘sundowners’.

Any company can provide a safari, but with Frontier’s expertise you will take away memories which will last a lifetime.

A sight and feeling which I will always remember is watching two lions mate under a beautiful acacia tree, the sky was clear, the wind was blowing softly carrying the scent of the animals and the only sound was that of the lions, until an elephant trumpeted in the background. We were the only safari vehicle around.

Frontier aims to provide an experience without having bus loads of tourists viewing a set programme. Let us create an African SAFARI for you!

Our sample itineraries allow you to navigate your way around Africa without too much backtracking, we use planes were roads are not suitable. Rather than spending time driving over rough roads and bumping over potholes we can fly you into the parks which maximises your time for many game drives and viewing the countryside. Frontier offers a range of accommodation to meet your price range.

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