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On safari we like to explore new areas and see new things. With Frontier Safari no two safaris are the same, however we cannot take credit for this that is just East Africa for you. This type of safari harkens back to Ernest Hemingway's era when all the luxuries of a hotel experience were carried to the most remote corners of the African bush, and assembled in a tented camp with tents that are huge like rooms and with dining fit for royalty, complete with liveried waiters and silver service. We can adjust the menu to your favorite foods as well. In fact, everything in the camps can be customized to your tastes as well as your friends. You can even request your favorite whiskey and find it waiting on the camp bar in the middle of the Serengeti.

The beds have proper springed mattresses with soft Egyptian cotton sheets and warm duvets. The bathrooms have retained the original experience of a traditional bucket shower hung over an attached canvas stall which is open to the African sky (and sometimes a giraffe may come in for a sip of your water if you leave any!). Each tent has its own ‘butler’ who brings you anything you need including hot water at any time. The bathrooms even have the added modern benefit of a specially designed flush loo.

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